Cristina Fernandez (that me) is a fantasy novelist, newly minted college student, roller-coaster connoisseur, and known human disaster (in that order). A writer since six, she’s spent the past decade learning about the craft of storytelling through the vast consumption of award-winning and award-losing work in television, movies, and novels. A fan of young adult fantasy series, superhero movies, Academy-Award winning sitcom Brooklyn 99,  any content produced by Rainbow Rowell, mid-2000 emo bands including but not limited to Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, and Paramore, and musical theater, she spends her time writing, studying, and screaming into the void. People Like Us is her debut novel and the first installment in the Abnormalities series. The second installment, The Two of Us, is due to be released this fall (provided she can get her life together).

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